The 31st Bangkok International Motorshow which took place between end March and early April 2010 was as usual a grand and exciting affair. The largest motorshow in South East Asia lived up to its expectations as a fabulous and impressive show that shouldn’t be missed.

The theme for this year’s show was, “Ecology Driving Save the Earth” highlighted the need for greener cars and automotive technologies as the every growing importance vehicles play in everyday life. Hybrid and Eco cars, engines and technologies where on display by Honda, Toyota, Nissan and many more at the show.

Besides the ecological machines, this year’s show also revealed a slew of cars from different makers, with the attractive reveals being the Mercedes AMG SLS63, the Lotus Evora and the limited edition Lotus Excige Scura, and the Lexus LFA.

The Mercedes AMG SLS63, has a 6.2L, 571hp V8 monster under the bonnet. This beautiful was design and built to pay homage to the iconic Mercedes 300L. The retro look and classic gullwing doors certainly puts this car in the league of a great supercar as its older brother.

The Lotus Evora is Lotus’ new and only 2+2 configuration mid-engine supercar. The Evora is a slightly larger Lotus that has a 3.5L Toyota 2GR-FE V6 engine mated to a 6 speed manual gearbox and can churn out around 276hp.

The Lotus Exige Scura, is a menacing matt black carbon fibre beast from Lotus based on their Exige supercar. It is a limited special addition model, with only very few units built, so it’s a rare collectors item. The matt black paint job and carbon fibre front splitter, oil cooler inlet vanes, side airscoops and rear spoiler, plus the “Phantom Black” triple stripes that run the length of the car, gave the Lotus a fierce stealth fighter look that was wicked. The Lotus guys really kept to the term Scura with this special Exige. Scura means black in Italian.
The LFA is the first 2 seater sports coupe from Lexus. It will be built by hand and only a maximum 500 units worldwide will be produced. The LFA has a front mid engine 4.8L V10 engine mated to a 6 speed automated sequential gear box.

Besides cars being shown the show also has a huge “ICE” competition which runs every evening with some really wild rides with huge “ICE” systems. This section is a huge nightly party with music blasting from custom made mobile disco stages with singer and dancers built by the manufacturers of car entertainment systems like, Sony, Pioneer, etc.
The show also has a big section for aftermarket segment, car rallies, 4×4 competitions, bike competitions, classic cars, drifting, and many more.
One of the main highlights of this great regional car show is the elaborate shows and performances that many of the car companies put on. These performances can rival many on stage performances, shows or concerts. Finally, of course like most car shows, the are also plenty lovely models at The Bangkok International Motorshow.


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