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We all are wittiness to the global warming that has been happening around the world and are also contributors to its affect. In some way or another we should change to benefit our lives for the future.

Few weeks ago I was able to test a device that I do believe that will change how we commute in the future. A way to transport people without the use of any fossil fuel is something that all of us should consider. Something that we really on just like how we plug and use our phones. The Segway, now here in the Philippines.

The name Segway, from the word segue, which means “to transition smoothly from one state to another. The first time I heard about it and saw it on TVin 2002, I just saw the future in it already. Being described as the future of mobilization by the US media, I wasn’t just the one seeing the future. This is being used all over the US today and is also being used by disable people. Most of the theme parks, golf course use this as rides too. I think this soon or is already being offered a ride in Enchanted kingdom and I heard soon in Boracay too.

I first tackled the unit being used by my friend Gorge Apacible. He made me try it and was impress how easy it was to use. Remember it not just like that if you don’t listen how to use it properly.

It is operated with a wireless watch looking key that has all is indicators and modes. When turn on the system basically set it balance first and when you hop on it just describes your center of gravity. To move forward you just move your weight forward and to stop and slow it is just to move weight from your standstill position. Backwards is shifting your weight backward and stopping and slowing it down again from your stand still position. To turn the direction to go to is just to point the handle bars right and left. It’s that simple to use that any kid can easily use it.

A unit was lent to me to test and it came in a perfect time that weekend because we had an event in Quirino Grand Stand for Lateral Drift Championship round 3. I was able to roam around the place as we set up for afternoon’s event and I was able to let race director Charlie to use it during the event to help him transport. Normally running around if I didn’t have the Segway and after the entire event is done that’s the time you feel your legs dying on you of soreness.

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I was lent the i2 model. I plug it the night before just to make sure it had juice to run the whole day. I was able to test it at speed and was very surprise how fast it can go. Rate to go as fast 25kph with a range of 38km one a single charge. Now 38km is a lot and for a daily commute around the city. That is like Quezon city to Alabang already and charge up again to run back.

There are 6 model to choose from depending on your needs. The i2, i2 commuter, i2 cargo, X2, X2 Adventure, and X2 Turf. The X model are bigger and are running fatter tires which can  be use more to abuse in dirty and clime street gutters.

The battery are Saphion® lithium-ion batteries that can be charge up to 500 times and will carry you at about 5000 miles. A good full charge is 12 hours and automatically shut off for you. Replacement battery’s cost at 600 USD each. Really not bad at all when you tally cost vs. your car.

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The cost for the basic i2 is 250,000.00 peso and the higher models depending on the accessories around 350,000.00.

Overall I would get one if I had the money. It’s perfect for everyone. It doesn’t require you to have a license to use one. It doesn’t require that much space that you can use this in the malls, groceries, park, office, building, and even in an elevator.

The Segway is the pioneer in green rides. You may see other copycats cheaper in the market. But I guarantee you if you compare the experience of both you will end up with a Segway smile.

Photo by: Chris Kho of

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