New face of Mazda! Berjaya Auto Philippines.

Berjaya Auto Philippines is now the new face of Mazda here in Philippines and is now open for business.

What to expect from them? Steven Tan the CEO of Berjaya Auto Philippines said during his speech that this new group will, eat, sleep, work and only think of Mazda here in the Philippines.  He Emphasized that one of Berjaya Auto’s first order is to extend the accessibility of Mazda vehicles sales and after sales service to more locations across the country. This year they are looking at 5 to 6 new Mazda dealerships and some have already started with constructions.  He also express that this year will be an exciting year for Mazda as the company continues to improve in the products and services offered.

I like how Mazda builds their cars, the design is different even in the inside.  It just feels sportier. I love the Mazda 6 in 2005 and in that year that was the Philippine Car of the Year 2005. I heard in a few months they will be coming out with the new one.

I also like the new BT 50 it’s just different from the other pick-ups we see now in Manila. The front looks like a big truck. The inside is neatly designed of sporty feel.

I believe the new face will make waves in the coming years. As they say Zoom Zoom!

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