MDPPA: Putting a Nation on Wheels

Mobilizing the Filipino Safely and Economically with Motorcycles

Back in July I did a AVP video for the MDPPA group. Not knowing what it was Motorcycle Magazine Editor in Chief Lester Dizon explains to me what the organization was all about. I was kind of surprise to hear about this organization. Never thought there would be one for motorcycles.

I normally cover cars, shoot cars, because I know a lot about them. I do know how to ride a motorcycle, and always thought that they were dangerous. Also for my size I would fit so much better in a four wheel vehicle’s. Now I’m beginning to have more urge with motorcycles and have been riding more and more everywhere. As my passion grows for 2 wheels it’s just very comforting to know about the MDPPA organization, how it will all benefit our country, and us riders in the future.

Checkout my AVP video and know more about MDPPA.

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