Marlon Stockinger! Wins In Monaco GP3!

If you miss the awarding of GP3 last weekend. Here it is!

Last May 26, 2012 late night I was able to tune in live stream for the GP3 race of Monaco. This is the most prestigious place to race in the world and the main highlight of that race weekend is the Formula 1 grand prix. I tune in support for a fellow countryman from the Philippines, Marlon Stockinger who was on pole first time this season for this GP3 race.

A total of 18 laps for this race. Marlon had a good start of the line and knowing Monaco it will be a tight narrow road that can easily lead to an accident. Will Buller ended up flipping his car sideways to the barrier and the safety car had to come out to put order. Soon as the race started Marlon was able to lead all the way to the 11th Lap. Till Conor Daly of Lotus got in to an accident and his car was launched into the air, as he ramp the back of Dimitry Suranovich’s car. Slamming the top of the debris fence on the harbour side and back to the track. The damage to the fence was irreparable in due time and it wouldn’t be safe for the race to continue. Stockinger was awarded the race.

It was nice to see the Philippine flag raised and our national anthem “Lupang Hinirang” being played during the awards.

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