Lateral Drift Round 6 2012 winners

Amateur winners of Lateral Drift Championship finale for round 6 are respectively: 3rd place Jet Mathay of Team HKS 2nd place Rad Albano of team Autocraft drift and Amateur round 6 Champ Jesus Salas.

Jet Mathay o overall Amateur Chmapionship 2012, 2nd Rad Albanon, and 3rd Jesus Salas. All 3 moves up to Pro Divison next year.

Round 6 Pro winners 3rd place Gio Rodriguez of team Hankook tires ! 2nd place Norman Agojo, of team Autocraft drift and round 6 Pro Champ Alex Perez of team Yellow Cab.

Alex Perez capture his 6 time Lateral Drift Championship. Followed by Audel Sison and 3rd Boodie Dabasol.

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