words by David Lee
picture from International Rainforest Challenge

RFC10 Poster

It’s that time of the year again. Time for the annual International Rainforest Challenge. It is a time that many 4×4 lovers all over the world look forward to every year.

Here is a quick & brief background for those that don’t know what about this great event.

The International Rainforest Challenge (more commonly referred to as RFC by the enthusiast) is a tough & rugged 4×4 competition & adventure that takes place in Malaysia (different states host the event every year) deep in the tropical jungles during the monsoon season every year for the past 12 years. This is the F1 of 4×4 events. It is the most internationally represented 4×4 event in the world (there is no larger truly 4×4 event in the world …. at the moment anyway). 4×4 enthusiast from all over the world (UK, Australia, NZ, Thailand, Philippines, China, HK, Japan, Taiwan, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Denmark, Austria, Poland, France, South Africa, Argentina, Russia …. & many more) come to participate in this event in various manner, as competitors (who ship their competition trucks to compete), press/media, touring adventurers, & so on. A lot of these crazy adventurous 4×4 nuts (me included) come back year after year. What makes this event popular and great, besides the competition & adventures are the friendships & camaraderies that forms between all the participants. Great & long friendships. The participants come back every year to catch up with old friends & have a superb adventure. It’s a great big annual international reunion, time to catch up on stories, have fun while on a wonderful adventure.

RFC2010 will be held in the southern Malaysian state of Johor from December 4 to 14.

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