Hotwire 2004

The date November 7 always lingers in my head when I see it or comes. Why?

In 2004 we aired HOTWIRE (motoring show) on Philippine Television, Studio23. I, Ronnie F. Trinidad together with Jinno Rufino, Rovilson Fernandez and Crazy Joe Guerrero, the four of us that created the concept and name HOTWIRE. We all knew we had something special and cool name.

” Rovilson tagged it as the Hottest, Fastest, and sexiest 30 minutes on Philippine Television – HOTWIRE 

From left to right: Jinno Rufino, Joe Bailey Guerrero, Ronnie Trinidad and Rovilson Fernandez

It rolled out for 5 years blazing the industry and was quickly recognized by a lot of gear-heads. We even had 3 issue of magazine covered by Francine Prieto, Jeni Hernandez, and Import tuner girl Jeri Lee.  As time went by just like any other business a bump here, another here and a big hit there, HOTWIRE came to its end and I don’t want to talk about how it ended.

Let’s just keep the great memories that we’ve enjoyed the experiences with it and to just imagine what if it was still out today?

Hotwire magazine Covers.

Hotwire TV segments: Nicole Hernandez Restored Benz & Jinno Rufino Wheel gallery tricked-out segment.


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