HLD Final Round, Down the wire

The Hyundai Lateral Drift Pro-Am Championship Series 2014 comes to a close with excitement!

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This year’s Pro Division championship battle comes down to the wire with defending champion Gio Rodriguez of team Atoy Custom in 2nd place with 391 points, driving it close to John Boban of team Drift MOB in 1st place with 406 points and to Boodie Dabasol in 3rd place with 361 points. All three drivers have a chance to win this year’s overall championship series, depending on the outcome this weekend.

Round 5 of 6 was held last October 12 at the Clark International Speedway. The venue is the fastest drift course in the season where the cars drift at a speed of 120kph into the big loop of the speedway. A total of 27 drifters from both the Amateur and Professional Divisions showed up to battle it out for the top rank spots with just one round remaining into the 2014 season.

In the Amateur Division, the young bloods of drifting showed up early to lay rubber on the track. With drift skills close to the Pros, they are just as exciting to watch. Peter Schroth who is 2nd in this year’s overall point rankings took 3rd place and the final battle for first was between LT. Dan Javier and the Amateur Series overall point’s leader Kar Montaner. After a few one-more- time and close-calls, it was still the overall point’s leader Montaner of Drive Hard Crew who took 1st place followed by LT. Dan Javier.

In the Pro Division, drifting in tandem can be witnessed at its finest as the drivers went side by side, closing in on each other’s cars. The Filipino drifters are all highly-skilled that anyone can just pull a hat trick out and suddenly change the outcome of the championship series. Alex Perez of team Yellow Cab and defending champion Gio Rodriguez failed to make it to the final four of Round 5, leaving an opening for this year’s overall championship. John Boban also failed to capitalize on this opportunity and finished in 4th place followed by David Feliciano of team DMF drift in 3rd place and Pampanga’s best Audel Sison of team Autocraft drift in 2nd place. Boodie da Basol of team GMW inched his way to 1st place, securing a chance to clinch the overall championship after the final round.

Round 6, the final round of the Hyundai Lateral Drift Pro-Am Championship Series 2014 will happen on November 15 at the Clark International Speedway alongside the MFEST group who will bring in added activities like fun runs, drag racing, time attack, car show and more. For more information about the event, please visit Hyundai Philippine’s Facebook page or log on to www.facebook.com/lateraldrift productions.

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