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Who’s is Stella? Stella is a vintage modern scooter that is sold in America by the Genuine Scooter Company. Its roots are the Vespa P-series, and the Stella is the made with collaboration between Genuine and LML baja India. Now It is available here in the Philippines and distributed by 2211 Works company.

I have had this for a week and all I can say is that I have fallen in love with it. It’s a classic vintage looking European scooter that operates just like the old days. But gone are the hard vibrations and trouble shoots. Everything is new, refined and fuel efficient. Also to add to it comes with a warranty. Doesn’t that sound so good to have a new vintage scooter?

The new monocoque chassis or shells are weld better compared to the old days of welding technics. It also has some rubber designed and it bolts to the body to lessen the vibration.

The 150cc engine has the power to take you at speed and can reach 100kph at tops. They claim that a liter of gas goes for 40kms and that a very economical compared to the other or older vintage. I wasn’t able to test this because my unit had trip cable problem. But a full tank real took me to a lot of places in almost a week.

Things you have to get used to in riding a scooter are the shifter and foot brake. Shifting gears using a twist grip on the left handle bar labelled with gear indicators and a neural light on the gauges to help and serve as a warning. It takes a few minutes to get used to the shifter and is just so smooth in transition to the gears. The footbrake pedal which is located on the footboard on the right is something you get easily used too because you have to stop. It’s a rear drum brake not that stop well together with the front brake and balance.

The ride balance is just right as the spare tire on the left side helps you balance the weight much better as the engine is designed to weigh more to the right.

The looks of this scooter is very appealing to the women, kids, and men as well and I was able to experience a few admirations, especially the Stella’s nice colors of pastel. There are 20 colors to pick from but at the moment there are just 10 colors available. I had the baby blue and I really find it cool!

How appealing is the Stella? I passed by a school zone and kids were crossing and admiring the Stella. Saying “ang cute naman niyan”. It really stands out as compared to the rest. Another is experience was a rider with a woman back rider. She was just looking at it the whole time at a stoplight and slowly whispers to her man saying, “I like that and you should get that instead of this”.


The Stella is currently price at Php 160,000.00 and you can loan in using RCBC load for Php 180,000.00 depending on how many years.

Next question is the reliability of something made in India. Some people will say junk about it. But the answer will always depend on the user. The Stella may require different maintenance or more frequent adjustments and it will always depend on how you maintain it.

The Stella may not appeal to everyone but once you get a chance to test it you just might fall in love with it.

Visit 2211works at Leon Guinto St. Malate, Manila, Philippines and test drive the Stella. You may contact them at Tel:(632) 521 9501, Telefax: (632) 536 5194 & email: Or you can visit there site at


Stella 4-Stroke Specs
Engine 147.55cc 4-Stroke, Air Cooled
Transmission 4-speed manual with “twist grip” shifting
Colors Avocado, Creme, Slate Blue, White, Dijon Yellow, Red, Black, Creme & Avocado, Creme & Slate Blue
Suspension Gabriel® performance shocks
Tire Size 3.5″ x 10″ Interchangable – Tires now come with black wall tires
Braking Front Grimeca Hydraulic Disc, 6″ Rear Drum
Top Speed 60+ mph
MPG 140*
*EPA city estimate.

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