Final Round Of Tthe 2015 Hyundai Lateral Drift Championship Series

 photo HLD 2015 round 6a_zpsmyxovy05.jpg

Join us this November 28 for final round 6 of the Hyundai Lateral Drift Championship at Clark International Speedway

Here are the season points break down:

Amateur division:
1. John Lazaga 420pts.
2. Stephen Ng 393pts.
3. Alex Nunez 358pts.
4. Patrick Ng 315pts.
5. Junjun Yapo 296pts.
6. Mark Lambert 194pts.
7. Max Lopez 150pts.
8. Doods dela Rosa 138pts.
9. Eric Suligin 120pts.
10. Rain Summers 76pts.
11. Alvin Dayrit 73pts.
12. Felix Tiomico 64pts.
13. John Urtula 56pts.

Pro division:
1. Gio Rodriguez 466pts.
2. Boodie Dabasol 417pts.
3. Ralph Tan 402pts.
4. Jet Mathay 375pts.
5. John Boban 307pts.
6. Jay Lazaga 264pts.
7. E.j. Malibiran 258pts.
8. Mark Bernardo 186pts.
9. Joma Montaner 185pts.
10. Norman Agojo 176pts.
11. Peter Schroth 168pts.
12. David Feliciano 121pts.
13. Jason Choachuy 74pts.
14. Audel Sison 65pts.

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