About Us

Hi my name is Ronaldo Fortuny Trinidad. I love cars and Shooting video. I’m one of the creators and Producers of Hotwire Tv show (2004-2008) on studio 23 along side Jinno Rufino, Rovilson Fernandez, and Joe Guererro.

My love for cars started at the young age like as most of us do. I currently own a few collections myself. I still have and drive my first car, a Nissan Sentra eccs that I got in December of 1992. Got it as a present when I was 16 years old. Lucky right? I’m 34 years old now. The thing is how many guys can say, and wish they still have their first car? I can say I’m lucky again right. I also own 3 Nissan Cefiro A31. One for drifting that I recently got from my good friend Charlie Cruz. Anther one that I have been building for almost 4years now close to drifting specs and a stock one. The freshly stock I bought it because it was a year 1994. That was the last batch of A31 the Nissan release here in the Philippines. I decided to get it because it was so fresh when I saw it. Anther is a Project Car that I hope to finish is a 1986 Nissan Silvia S12. This car has so much problems due to its age and where it came from. It’s fitted with a SR20 engine. One day it will roll again and show its beauty.

Now I have created Sprocketph.com my video blog. This is basically where I pour my love in to filming and cars. Here you can see some of my pass and current work. You can also see some off topic videos I do but still kind of related to cars.

I also offer any video, photo, and print related requirement that you may need. From TVshows, TVC, AVPs and ect. I work with a handful creative individuals that would reassure its quality and creativity meets your requirement. Drop me an email for inquires. Sproketph@rocketmail.com.

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you enjoy my videos. To enjoy and see some of the videos and pictures in this site please login to your facebook account. Add us up on your facebook sprocketph. Thank you.