2011 Manila Auto Salon November 24 to 27, 2011 at the SMX Convention Center.

What to see in the biggest aftermarket and customized show this year? Here are my picks of what cars you should see.

Cito Beltran’s Mustang all aluminum body with a Nissan Rb30 det engine.

Brush aluminum finish with a clear coat paint I think. Really cool. Must look at it really close or you will think its a foil film.

A GM van full of ICE, with the theme of Texas Chainsaw villains.

Freddy, and Jason displayed in-front of a big LCD screen.

Saw this Classic Martini Porsche at the last show. Still something to really nice to see.

This 2 door Rubicon was nicely setup with big Nitto tires. The jerry cans at the rear are really cool.

Classic Toyota MR2 was neatly done.

Nice ride by Mr. Bumper2Bumper Jonathan Chio. Matte foil orange with original kit from korea.

BBS RIMs fited on a Porsche, BBS now officially distributed by Wheel gallery.

Ken Blocks Ride! Ford Fiesta! By AToybodykits

Still nice to see Wreckless Inc./CAR PORNS BMW LS2 vett engine.

And there Vett.

A 370z Snakeskin being foiled By Foiltek.

Nice Classics!

Classic Hotrod!

Something cool and nice to have to preserve your ride is this bubble cover being sold at the show for 14k.

Dropby the Manila Auto Salon this weekend November 24 to 27, 2011 at the SMX Convention Center. Checkout this rides and more.

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